Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet Beetle Control

Like their name suggests, Carpet Beetle damages carpets. They also feed on other substances and target any objects made from animal fibers, such as furs silk, leather, feathers and felt. They can cause damage to carpets, clothing and other material. Carpet beetles flourish in any climate, but the environment that has low humidity will meet the requirements to produce eggs the most effectively.

Types Of Carpet Beetle

There are two main categories of Carpet Beetles The Black Carpet Beetles as well as the Varied, Common and Furniture Carpet Beetles.

Adult Black Carpet Beetle is black in color and is oblong-shaped and its size ranges between one eighth” up to 3/16″ in length. The three other species, although similar in size, are characterized by different patterns on the wings and have a more oval shape.

Control & Prevention Tips

The most effective method to stop carpet beetle is to prevent. Woolen clothes blankets, jackets or any other fur item must be washed or dry cleaned before placing them in the closet or the cupboard. The smell of the clothing is an invitation for the Carpet Beetle, so put mothballs or flake with the clothes in a container that is tight enough to keep the clothes safe from being sprayed by the Carpet Beetle.


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